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Jeanette and Brad O’Hara are the founders of Will’s House, which was created to provide medical needs childcare, customized respite care, and support groups in a home environment. They help families caring for children and young adults with disabilities feel loved and supported! 

Will’s House is named in honor of Jeanette and Brad’s son William James O’Hara who died in 2017 at the age of 8. They adopted Will after he waited patiently in a hospital for 8 years due to significant medical needs.  

Jeanette worked for 15 years as a physical therapist in pediatric and psychiatric settings. She is deeply passionate about the community of families who are caring for their children and young adults with disabilities. She understands the challenges that come with multiple medical appointments, lost date nights, financial strain, insurance issues, stifling struggles, caregiver burnout and grief. It was that grief that led her to begin Will’s House, truly a gift to our community. You will be inspired and encouraged by Jeanette’s story. 

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