Empowering Caregivers With Specialized, Personalized Respite And A Supportive Community.

We Have Created A Home Environment To Serve Caregivers And Those In Their Care Based On Needs And Diagnosis.


Will’s House was formed to strengthen the network of support for full time caregivers of children and young adults with medical needs or intellectual/developmental disabilities.

Will's House is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization that provides medical needs childcare, customized respite care, and support groups. It is our desire to help families caring for children and young adults with disabilities feel loved and supported within their community.

“I am so thrilled that you have found Will’s House! I founded Will’s House in honor of my son, Will, who passed away in 2017. Will’s life and medical challenges made us stronger as a family and showed us how loved and supported we were by our “village”. I started Will’s House to help the incredibly strong, extraordinary families that I was meeting in my work as a physical therapist to feel that same love and support as well!”

Jeanette O’Hara




Short Term

We provide opportunities for short term respite or drop-in childcare.  Will’s House provides respite care utilizing a home environment in the community that is safe and fun.  If you need to take a break, go to an appointment, have a date night, or just take a nap...please reach out to Will’s House!


Long Term

We provide opportunities for long term respite or overnight care.  If you need someone to care for your child or young adult while you travel, or need an extended break, reach out to Will’s House.  We will get to know your family, your child’s needs and reserve your spot on the calendar!



Will’s House can also provide care for children and young adults when caregivers experience an emergency, such as a loved one in the hospital, their own surgery, or any other emergency.  If you find yourself in need of assistance, don’t hesitate.  Please reach out and let Will’s House help!

“Will’s House is the largest blessing I have had since I had children, to have help when we need it!”

Crystal Kinsey-McCune

“Jeanette is knowledgeable, compassionate, and fun! I so appreciated being able to leave my kids with someone who could handle tube feeding and behaviors.  She really went the extra mile, and the kids had a great time!"

Justine Anderson

More About will's house

WH Logo

Will’s House provides respite care for children and young adults with disabilities providing care in the family’s private home or in our Will’s House respite home within the community.  Will’s House is an Oklahoma Department of Disabilities contracted respite provider and we can accept DDS waiver or respite vouchers.

Will’s House can also receive tax deductible donations as a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Will’s House is a specialized foster care placement for the state of Oklahoma and can accept children in DHS custody. Will’s House provides a safe and fun environment that can be customized to the needs of the individual being served.  We are not a full-time day care service, we customize our care to fill gaps for caregivers who need to take a break.  We are excited to get to know each family and how we can serve you!

If you would like to support the mission of Will's House, please use the link below!


Jenks High School art students host Create for a Cause fundraiser

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) — Today, May 21, Jenks High School art students hosted a fundraiser for Will’s House called Create for a Cause. The sale lasted for three hours and all proceeds went to Will’s House. Will’s House is a foundation that provides free respite care for full-time caregivers of children and young adults with special healthcare needs. “I am so amazed by these students and their creativity and willingness to give back to their community and those I serve!” said Will’s House Founder Jeanette O’Hara. As Seen on News Channel 8 at: https://ktul.com/news/local/jenks-high-school-art-students-host-create-for-a-cause-fundraiser

Show Up In Style

We release new shirt designs seasonally, and it's an easy way to support Will's House and advocate for every human being worthy to be treated with value and dignity!

We have partnered with Bonfire to offer an easy experience, your shirt(s) will be shipped to your house directly, and they give a generous portion of every sale to Will's House!

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